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Ivana attended the La Sombra de La Ley Madrid Premiere last night. She looked so lovely! We’ve added a couple photos to the gallery. Hopefully more surface soon. Enjoy!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I will be working on adding some new photos sometimes next week from Gelo. I have added a few photos from a recent photo session she and James did. They are so lovely. I love these two. Enjoy!

We’ve added a few additional photo sessions that were missing to the gallery as well as a scan from 2017’s digital issue of Bustle. Enjoy!

Kayla and I just want to take a moment to say Happy Birthday, Ivana!!! We hope she had a wonderful birthday. We just adore her to pieces and look forward to her future projects.

In honor of her birthday we’ve added over 1500 screencaps from her film Sister Of Mine (Demonios Tu Ojos). Enjoy the photos and be sure to buy/rent the film. Enjoy!

I’ve added a new photo session of Ivana and James. Super cute. Enjoy.

I’ve added two new photo session images of Ivana from the Malaga Film Festival. Sooo pretty! I’ve also added some additional images from her appearance at the film festival. Enjoy.

Last night Ivana attended the 2018 Malaga Film Festival again. She looked beautiful at the event. We’ve added some photos to the gallery, enjoy!

Last night Ivana attended the 2018 Malaga Film Festival yesterday. She looked lovely at the event. We’ve added some photos to the gallery, enjoy!

This article has been loosely translated.

Finished the filming of ‘Feedback’

The distributor eOne Films tells us that on March 23 the filming of ‘Feedback’ has concluded. This thriller supposes the opera prima of Pedro C. Alonso, that is released in the largometraje after a successful race in the world of the publicity. Alonso also signs the script for the film, along with Alberto Marini (‘El Desconocido’, ‘Extinction’, ‘While you sleep’).

Filmed entirely in English, the main casting is led by the British Eddie Marsan (‘7 days in Entebbe’, ‘Ray Donovan’, ‘Atomic’, ‘Sherlock Holmes’), Paul Anderson (‘ Peaky Blinders’, ‘Hostiles’,’ The Reborn ‘) and the Spanish Ivana Baquero (‘ The chronicles of Shannara ‘,’ The Club of the Uncommitted ‘and Goya Revelation Actress 2007 for’ The Labyrinth of the Faun ‘). To those who accompany Richard Brake (‘Kingsman’), Alexis Rodney (‘Guardians of the Galaxy’) and the young Oliver Coopersmith (‘Tin Star’), Nacho Aldeguer (‘The promise’) and the young Alana Boden, who recent She has been nominated for the Critics Choice Awards for her role in ‘I am Elisabeth Smart.’

Filming has been ongoing for five weeks at the Tex 45 studios, on the outskirts of La Coruña, where the central decorations of the main plot, which takes place in a London radio studio, were recreated. The last week of filming, the team traveled to London to shoot several shows in the British capital.

‘Feedback’ is a Vaca Films production (‘One Hundred Years of Forgiveness’, ‘The Unknown’, ‘El Niño’, ‘Cell 211’) and Ombra Films (‘The Commuter’, ‘Mindscape’), and features the participation of Televisión Española and Movistar +, and the support of ICAA, Agadic and Programa MEDIA.

Ivana is featured in the new issue of Kode magazine. The photos are beautiful and the article is a great read. Check it out below.

Pan’s Labrinyth favorite, Ivana Baquero, now starring in the hit American fantasy drama, Shannara Chronicles, is just getting started.

Kode | In Season 2 of your show the Shannara Chronicles had all the fans excited, how did you see the development of your character?
Ivana | Yes, there’s definitely a lot happening. Because season 1 was very much her going from selfish to selfless, really expanding her horizons and meeting Will and Amberle and joining the quest. Then season 2 she’s already gained her freedom and she’s learned so much about herself but you know the mystery of who she is, still remains. Season 2 is going to be about her discovery of who she really is and what the tattoo on her back means. I think it’s really really wonderful that people and a lot of fans were wondering- we seen so much about Will and Amberle but who is Eretria?

Kode | Did you like the development of her character?
I did. I honestly think she’s one of the coolest characters and she’s so resourceful. And she’s a fighter and not only literally a fighter but she’s fights for what she believe in. She has this amazing sense of justice so I think she’s such a badass; she gets to do horseback riding and amazing things and save the day so it’s a lot of fun I think you’ll like her a lot.

Kode | And what was it like being her? Did you know that you were going to be a badass character?
I honestly didn’t know because it’s my first action project that I ever done in my life. I wasn’t sure how I was going to pull that off because I’m… you know, I’m quiet and petite and some say I look sweet. They brought us about a month before shooting and they basically put us through boot camp for both season 1 and season 2. You get like a personal trainer. We get trained in all these skills so on the day we do look like we know what we’re doing which is pretty cool. We have an amazing stunt team and it ended up looking decent.

Kode |Yeah I mean in the previews they looked amazing. What’s one thing that you want people to learn about your character? Like I know she’s discovering herself and she’s changing but what is the inner depth of her?
I think she’s a great example of someone who comes from a really difficult background; she pretty much was abused, had to fend for herself, she didn’t have a family, she was raised in a clan of thieves, so she had to earn the respect of the clan and it was pretty harsh there was no upbringing. Even though, that was the only thing she knew she still manages to always stick to what she thinks is right. Like I said earlier she has an amazing sense of justice and what’s cool about her is that she’s a fighter but at the same time she teaches other people that it’s okay to be vulnerable sometimes- which I think is great to have that portrayal on TV especially because Shannara has a young audience so I think she and all the other female characters are great examples of women empowerment.

Kode | How do you feel about the love triangle going on? Is there a love triangle?
Haha, there are. So season 1 is all about Will, Amberle, and Eretria. In season 2 it gets intricate because there’s many new characters. And Amberly goes but we’ll be coming back but I can’t reveal how, so there’s new characters coming into the scene and in this case she still continues her relationship with Will because they go way back and they have those amazing bond but she meets someone else. She meets Lyria. She start the relationship with Lyria but then things get tumultuous and we’ll see what happens but it’s never easy in the Four Lands.

Kode | And you and Will?
Yeah I mean I can’t really reveal much but I’m going to say there still is fire there. You know they have this amazing connection and they’re tied because obviously they save the world together in season 1. At the same time it’s been a year when season two takes off since things have happened and things have changed. We’ll see how that develops because he meets someone else later on as well.

Kode | There’s definitely a lot of different triangles.
Yeah, it’s very character driven so it’s not so much about the romance but, it’s more about the connection with the characters. I think is great for the season because it’s more about exploring and getting to know more about the actual characters and not just the quest or saving the world.

Kode | That’s definitely something that I didn’t hear other shows really do so that’s really nice. So, of course I had to bring up Pan’s Labyrinth, huge fan by the way! So it’s been 10 years, how would you describe your navigation through the entertainment industry, and recently you were in a Spanish movie, Demonios Tu Ojos. What’s it like for you to go from the Spanish industry to American and doing both at the same time? How would you describe it?
Like you said it’s been 10 years. Obviously, I went from being a child in Pan’s Labyrinth to then a teenager and now an adult so you know things have changed a lot. I’ve grown more, and have done different things, tried different roles, and learned a lot in the process. It’s been really special for me, I feel like Pan’s Labyrinth opened a lot of doors and it was for sure before and after in my career. It’s pretty much going to like acting school Pan’s Labyrinth, in 3 months I learned what people learned in 2 years going to class, so I’m super super grateful. I also feel very lucky that I get to work and you know Spain in Europe and now in the states with Shannara. Yeah it’s been definitely an amazing journey.

Kode | Do you prefer one or the other?
Well I mean, here [USA] there’s definitely more work and more money but I love working in both places in Spain and America because I find what I love in both Industries.

Kode | And what did you think about Demonios Tu Ojos? Did you like it?
I did! I just, it’s just so embarrassing sometimes because I’m watching certain scenes, there’s no nudity or explicit scenes but the theme is controversial so to say the least.

Kode | Do you get a lot of interesting roles that are a bit maybe perhaps a bit out of your comfort zone?
I do get a lot of scripts in Spain but in the States I’m just getting started. My last project in the states was The New Daughter when I was 15. The rest of the time I was busy finishing up high school, so I focused a lot in Europe. I feel like Shannara is my real new start in the industry, that’s why we recently just moved a couple of months ago to LA. I’m totally open to different things for instance, I never done comedy. It’s such a different kind of acting technique and completely different vibe that you need to be good at it. I feel like I have to train a little bit more for that but I’m super open to learning and trying out different types of project.

Kode | That would be exciting to see you in a comedy! Who would you love to work with?
I love and admire Jessica Chastain. Also, Leonardo DiCaprio is one of my favorite actors.

Kode | Do you have any guilty pleasures anything you do to relax?
I love pasta and sushi.

Kode | What kind of pasta?
Just any kind like I come from the Mediterranean and Barcelona so we’re all about pasta and pizza and all that kind of food and I love to cook and that’s one of the things I love to do to help unwind is cooking!

Kode | And for the new year are there any new trends that you’re looking forward to?
I’m always so spot-on because I love fashion. but honestly because I’ve been in New Zealand and gone for 6 months I don’t even know what’s going on in the world so I don’t know. Wasn’t velvet like a thing?

Kode | Haha, yeah that was a thing.
And chokers? Yeah I love chokers. But I think those are long gone now.

Kode | What are your staple pieces? What is one thing you can’t live without?
Lip balm. I love lip balm.

Kode | What brand?
Um, I do a lot of Carmex. It does the job!

Kode | What can we expect from you coming up next, besides Shannara Chronicles?
I actually wrapped Shannara 3 months ago and that was 6 months of shooting and it completely absorbed our lives. We’re not allowed to leave because it’s super intense so it’s been a ride and now we’re promoting and the Spanish movie too and I just moved to LA so I don’t have anything confirmed right now, pretty much just these two.