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Check out the trailer for Ivana’s film “Feedback”!

I’ve added a bunch of additional photos of Ivana from recent 2018 events she has attended as well as replaced many images with larger ones. In this update I’ve added new photos of Ivana from a new event yesterday in Madrid, the premiere for the film Pequenas Coincidencias. Enjoy!

Earlier today Ivana attended GQ Men of the Year Awards 2018 in Madrid. She looked lovely. The gallery has been updated with pictures of her the awards.

Ivana attended 2 premieres this week in Madrid. She looked lovely. We will add more photos as they surface. Enjoy!

We have updated the gallery with over 1700 screen captures of Ivana from her film “Gelo”. Enjoy!

Ivana was in attendance last night at the ‘YSL Beaute, THE SLIM Rouge PurCouture’ Party. She looked lovely. I’ve added photos to the gallery. Enjoy!

Ivana attended the La Sombra de La Ley Madrid Premiere last night. She looked so lovely! We’ve added a couple photos to the gallery. Hopefully more surface soon. Enjoy!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I will be working on adding some new photos sometimes next week from Gelo. I have added a few photos from a recent photo session she and James did. They are so lovely. I love these two. Enjoy!

We’ve added a few additional photo sessions that were missing to the gallery as well as a scan from 2017’s digital issue of Bustle. Enjoy!

Kayla and I just want to take a moment to say Happy Birthday, Ivana!!! We hope she had a wonderful birthday. We just adore her to pieces and look forward to her future projects.

In honor of her birthday we’ve added over 1500 screencaps from her film Sister Of Mine (Demonios Tu Ojos). Enjoy the photos and be sure to buy/rent the film. Enjoy!